Getting Started With Subtitles

December 10, 2015 by Rebekka Deforce Maybe you have certain films on your computer and you would like some subtitles for them? Where can you find those subtitles? How can you play them? And what if you want to edit or create them from scratch for maybe a self-made video or corporate video? Where To […]

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How To Write A Movie Script

November 21, 2013 by Rebekka Deforce Do you want to take your story to the big screen? In this article, you’ll be told how to transform a story into a real movie script or scenario. I’ll answer questions like: what does a movie script need? how does it look and what do I have to […]

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The First 15 Seconds Of A Video

July 10, 2013 by Magic Media Force, Rebekka Deforce When producing a video for video marketing or making a corporate video, it is very important to pay attention to one or two things. Because when people eventually find your video on the internet, it is also important that the video is watched! The first aspect […]

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