World’s Craziest Photoshop Tutorial

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We’ve featured Glove and Boots on Photofocus once before. Their Vertical Video Syndrome PSA is a classic. They’re also done a Photoshop tutorial that’s absolutely crazy (but mostly accurate).  Enjoy a little light-hearted humor. They even offer downloads to follow along. This Post Sponsored by: Drobo. A family of…

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The Fastest Way to Copy Data from a GoPro

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GoPro cameras are a great addition to my kit. They allow the capture unique and adventurous angles, but best of all are really small. Just like the camera, the memory card is small – newer GoPros record to a microSD card. On most shoots, I’m filling 32gb or 64gb cards, then backing up and erasing them quickly. But what’s the best way to transfer the files?

I’ll give you a hint. . . The included USB cable is not the right way. Let me explain: the USB port on the GoPro is meant for charging. It’s a low capacity port built with USB 2.0 technology. If you’re using a newer computer, you should know that your USB ports are built with USB 3.0. Therefore, transferring via USB 2.0 is painfully slow. 

There’s a better way. . . Back when you purchased your memory card, it might have come with…

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Monetizing Your Web Video

November 19, 2014 by Richard Harrington , CEO at RHED Pixel There are many different approaches to publishing content online… but without a source for funding you can’t go for very long. In this course successful digital publisher Rich Harrington will walk you through many different options to monetize content. Learn what it takes to […]

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The Benefits of Shooting with Fast Prime Lenses

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Why use a fast prime lens? Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman cover its benefits in this tutorial, including more accurate lighting and the ability to manipulate depth of field. Watch the follow-up movies within this series at…. This specific tutorial is from the Video Gear Weekly series presented by…

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Get Organized Before Your Edit

April 17, 2014 by Richard Harrington, CEO at RHED Pixel Save time, money and agony with tips from the trenches by two of the industry’s top workshop leaders and content producers who have spent many hours editing together. Learn about ways to organize your footage starting with how it’s ID’d in the field. Learn strategies for organizing assets-particularly […]

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How to Sign Your Work

October 1, 2013 by Richard Harrington, Photofocus A popular trend these days is to sign your images when posting online.  The thought is to treat the image more like it was being shown in a gallery and less like pixel dust in the wind. The process is really pretty easy to do.  I’d also like […]

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