Quick Tips: Premiere Pro

by Enis from Reverse Cuts Here are three tips for Premiere Pro that you probably didn’t know about. When I tried sharing these with other Premiere Pro users, they were shocked by the fact that they didn’t know about these things. That’s why I like to call them “3 Secret Tips”. Animate text opacity for […]

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8 Swell Reasons to Buy a Drone

By DJI Support To buy, or not to buy is an often asked question when it comes to purchasing many products and sometimes it can be quite the head scratcher working out if it’s the right purchase for you. So, to try and help you make your mind up we’ve compiled 8 excellent reasons to buy a […]

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by Matti Haapoja Want to capture cinematic camera movement with your gimbal? Here are a few moves you can bust out… In this video below, Matti Haapoja demonstrates a handful of standard camera moves many filmmakers use when shooting with gimbals. We’ll share a few other creative ways you can move your rig for stunning kinetic […]

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Tutorial: Your Car is (Still) Your Best Friend for Capturing Smooth Tracking Shots

October 6, 2015 by V Renée, nofilmschool Forget using expensive dolly tracks or handheld gimbals to pull off beautiful camera moves. You’ve got a car, right? Admittedly, using cars to get these shots is kind of an old school technique that indie filmmakers have been using for a long time, especially before handheld 3-axis gimbals […]

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FCPX’s Tripod Mode

May 6, 2014 by Larry Jordan There’s a new feature in the image stabilizer section of FCP X called Tripod. What this does is stabilize an image so solidly that it looks like it was shot on a tripod. We now have a second stabilization option that may work better in some instances. In addition […]

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