Toko Graphics – A Free and Demo Graphics Elements Pack for Premiere Pro

by motioncan This FREE Package Includes: 80+ FREE Graphics Elements (Titles, Typography, Glitch Elements, Backgrounds, Transitions, Logo Reveals, Gradients, Icons, Shape Lines, Social Media) A preview of all graphics elements that are included in the full version of the Graphics Pack 4.0 for Premiere Pro One Click to Add Links to Video Step-by-step Tutorials are Included Download it here.

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Some Free Hand Drawn Happiness!

by Agata at Good Stuff, No Nonsense Her name is Agata and she’s a designer/illustrator based in Poland. She helps people to build their brand online as a designer. In 2014, she started to create tiny illustrations aka hand drawn icons, as a fun side project. Now icon design is her passion. Agata is constantly working […]

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How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos – 5 Effective Ways

By Anthony Najera, Shutterstock For YouTube videos, communication is essential. We’ll walk you through the ways you can get the best subtitles for your next project. Having accurate subtitles within your YouTube videos is important. Videos with inaccurate subtitles can send the wrong message to your viewers, destroy the meaning of a phrase, or just outright […]

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