5 Key Tips To Edit A Great Trailer

by FILMPAC  When it comes to trailers, most people think of the high-energy productions that preview an upcoming feature film. But these days, everything seems to have a trailer: events, album releases, documentaries, music videos, retail products, and even books. If you can learn to take advantage of this key aspect of marketing your project, […]

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150 Free Cinematic Whoosh Sound Effects

by music-for-video.com If you’re looking to expand your Sound Effects arsenal with massive and powerful cinematic whooshes, this collection of cutting edge swooshes, swishes, and transition sounds has you covered! Edited and ready to use in your video, music production, trailer, games, commercials, movies and more applications. Whooshes Pack 01 brings you 150 professionally designed […]

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The Importance of Creating a Sizzle Reel

by Tanner Shinnick, PremiumBeat.com (This is an excerpt.) Typically, a sizzle reel is a three to five minute summation of your story’s main plot points, narrative approach, direction, and introduction to your main characters. Unlike a stylish, marketing-motivated trailer or demo reel, a sizzle is a cohesive, narrative visual approach that gives your audience an ultra-clear look […]

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The All-Important Pitch Meeting 

by Jennifer Grisanti   Before you take a pitch meeting for your series or film, you’ll want to put together your pitch papers. If you’re unfamiliar with what that looks like, Grisanti shared a template for writers to check out.  INSPIRATION  Start your pitch off with passion. Tell them what inspired your story. If there is a […]

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Free Epic Sound Effects for Film & Video Trailers

By Danny Greer, Premiumbeat Download this collection of high-quality sound effects for your films and videos. We’ve curated this collection of free SFX to give your trailers MAXIMUM impact. It’s the hallmark of every action trailer: driving music and booming sound effects, building in intensity and power toward a pivotal climax. With the Trailer Construction Kit (Lite Version) from PremiumBeat, […]

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