Free Professional Resumes, Resume Writing, Resume Templates, Guide and Advice

by Leet Resumes Leet Resumes will take your old resume and crank up the volume where it’s needed, so employers start paying attention to you. Did we mention it’s a free service? Resume Examples Before and after examples from Leet Resumes showing how even “nice-looking” resumes can set you back in telling your story… WRONG […]

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6 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make

by Peter Walbeck Peter Walbeck dives into the six mistakes beginning filmmakers often make. Peter talks about shooting and editing in the wrong frame rate, how a good camera is worthless unless you have good lighting, the importance of capturing good audio, and more. Peter gives you tips on how to boost your production from idea […]

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“The Inside Tips”

by Larry Jordan Written by Larry Jordan, and guest contributors, these are free weekly newsletters. Short and tightly focused tips to help media creators become more efficient. Six different subjects, each published once a week, these Tip Letters contain three Inside Tips you can put to use now! Choose your subjects, then – POOF! – very cool tips drop into your […]

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