How to Make a TV Show

by StudioBinder StudioBinder gives you 10 videos on how to make and develop a TV show… StudioBinder is a production management solution that helps video and photo productions create call sheets, shot lists, shooting schedules, breakdowns, storyboards, moodboards and more. Advertisements

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Starbucks is getting into TV and film

April 1, 2015 By Gregory Wallace, CNN Money View the video here: Starbucks proves again that it won’t stop with just coffee. Its latest project involves a new media start-up that “will create and produce nonfiction, social-impact content,” according to the new company’s founder, Rajiv Chandrasekaran. Chandrasekaran wrote on Facebook Thursday morning that he […]

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Can You Make the Cut in 2014?

December 20, 2013 by Future Media Concepts Put the production deadlines aside, tell your director to wait and prepare to attend the 7th Annual Editor’s Retreat.  Specifically for TV, film and video editors, it’s your opportunity to: REDEFINE CREATIVE LIMITS  Take a step back to fully evaluate your creative process.  Enhance your skills with advanced […]

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5 New Apple Products Coming in 2013

January 11, 2013 by Kurt Wagner, Fourtune How will Apple (AAPL) follow up a 2012 lineup that included two new tablets, a new notebook and a new phone? Analysts Gene Munster and Douglas Clinton of Piper Jaffray took a stab at predicting what used to be unpredictable: Apple’s product calendar. Their report includes a number […]

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