Social Media Video Guide: Why and How to Create Social Video

by Nona Blackman, envato If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner you need to market your business on social media using video. Why? Because in today’s social media landscape, video rules. Consider this: Brands that use video marketing grow their year-to-year revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t. Still not convinced? Read on to discover the […]

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Export Video Settings for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

by Pond5 Video is the fastest-rising form of communication, with high-quality recording devices more accessible than ever and marketplaces like Pond5 providing everything you need to make amazing videos without even picking up a camera. Meanwhile, the number of platforms for sharing your videos is also expanding, and each one has its own specifications for video formats, […]

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FREE Music and SFX for your videos

by Epidemic Sound Epidemic Sound brings you 30 days of free music and sound effects for your videos! They are one of the best sites to get royalty free music for youtube videos. You will never have to worry about a copyright strike again. Use this link to sign up for free: Even if you dont […]

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