‘Focus Assist Gets Smarter with New Scene-Mapping Tools’ by Bryant Frazer


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Focus-pulling may be about to get a lot more interesting as new systems come on the market that promise to automate some of the most precise, grace-under-pressure focus adjustments required during a shoot, while still giving the human operator complete control—plus or minus a helping hand—whenever it’s desired.

The slickest such system on display at NAB 2015 was probably the new Halo from Redrock Micro. Redrock says it has adapted the same technology that keeps self-driving cars from running into objects in their path to create a map of an entire 180-degree scene in real time.

Data from the Halo Explorer unit, which scans the environment, is used by a handheld focus-control module with touchscreen to create a visual representation of the scene that resembles a radar display. Real-time data pulled from the lens includes iris info, the distance to various subjects, and a graphical representation of depth of field. Focus can be adjusted manually, scrubbed on the touchscreen, or snapped to a given element in the scene with a finger-tap. Watch a demo in our video coverage from the show floor.


Redrock Micro’s Halo

For more… a lot more on this story, go here–


How To: After Effects Floating Effect


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April 23, 2015

by vfxcentral


Using puppet tools and 3d tracking create an awesome floating effect!
VFXCentral also has FREE PRODUCTS to download as well as more tutorials like this one here: http://www.vfxcentral.net/free-content/


Apple FCPX 10.2 First Look: Worth the Wait! by Charlie Austin


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April 22, 2015

by Charlie Austin , Creative Cow

CreativeCOW presents Apple FCPX 10.2 First Look: Worth the Wait! -- Apple FCPX Techniques Feature

After the usual rabid anticipation, Apple today released FCP X 10.2 along with companion updates to Motion and Compressor. The UI has been subtly updated for Yosemite and there are some great new features; beautiful 3D text, the ability to save effects applied to clips – including grades – as custom presets, new and improved keyframeable masks, Library level Smart Collections, improved key framing performance, 4-Up Scope viewer, and a lot more.

I’ll look at the new stuff in a moment, but as someone who uses FCP X regularly, the most exciting and flat out impressive part of this update for me is it’s performance… summed up in the usual vague “bug fixes and performance improvements” part of the release notes. In my view, here’s what it should say:

“This Version of X Feels Like a New App”

To read a whole lot more of Charlie Austin‘s FCPX 10.2 article, click here.  And watch FCPWorks detailed NAB video presentation on FCPX 10.2 here…


Final Cut Pro X 10.2 The User Guide, as a Free iBook


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April 21, 2015

by Apple

Final Cut Pro X User Guide

Apple has published their user guides into iBooks. It’s a great way to get access to the manuals for FCPX, Motion and Compressor. Here’s everything you need to know about the features and controls in Final Cut Pro X, in a handy digital format. Get to know Final Cut Pro X and learn how to accomplish both basic and advanced tasks using the application. It’s the definitive guide to Final Cut Pro X, straight from Apple. You can download them for Free. Here’s a link to the Final Cut Pro X manual.

This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device, and with iTunes on your computer. Books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.



More FREE After Effects Templates


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April 20, 2015

by De Hann Ballesteros


After 10 years of experience creating videos, from Macromedia Flash, Adobe After Effects CS3 to CC, I thought it might be cool to share some of my new AE projects files with you.

Originally I started out in Fine Arts, majored in painting, but soon realized that video editing was way more fun! Inspired by Andrew Kramer (my AE Guru) and Gideon Shalwick (Online Video Blogging Expert) I decided to launch this blog to help AE enthusiasts maximize their time and talent.


These Free After Effects templates are designed for you to just add your text, pictures, video clips, and render! As you already know video editing is a very time consuming process. So to help you save hours in key framing, conceptualizing, and installing needed plugins, these free AE templates will help you deliver cool video intros. These pre-made video intros are 100% royalty free license that allows you to use these template in all types of productions, for worldwide distribution, forever. There are never any licensing fees.

Click here to see all the cool AE freebies, like this one…


Stinger – FREE AE Project File

– AE CS5 or above – No plugins required – Music and Sound fx included – Easy to Customize – 1 Photo / Video Placeholder – Logo Placeholder –


Sony’s Brand New Tools for Simplified Editing & Media Management


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April 17, 2015

by Sony Creative Software

Sony announced a mysterious new NLE called Catalyst Edit at NAB this week.

Catalst Edit ™

In video, focus is critical. Catalyst Edit focuses on 4K and Sony RAW video editing so you can focus on your creativity. Deliver your most stunning video productions in all the glory you captured through your camera lens.

You’ve dreamed it. You’ve shot it. Now cut it.

Your super-detailed 4K footage is amazing. Your wide color gamut, high-dynamic-range colors are stunning. Still, you won’t get many people to watch until you cut it all together. The timeline cutting tools in Catalyst Edit concentrate on doing one thing really, really well: they help you make your video edit look as great as the content you shot.

You’ve captured all the detail. Now craft it into your story.

4K acquisition captures the amazing detail of your scene like never before possible. RAW and XAVC embrace the wide color gamut and high dynamic range your camera captures and lays it right there for you to use. Catalyst Edit lets you use it.

Touch and gesture. You’re editing in a whole new way.

The mouse and keyboard don’t always give you the best tactile experience. Sometimes you need to “get your hands dirty” and grab hold of your edit. Use your Windows machine’s touch capabilities or your Mac’s Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad gestures for the most hands-on editing experience possible.

A multichannel audio workflow that finally makes sense.

As a video editing pro you have to manage your project audio too, and multichannel audio presents an extra challenge. The streamlined Catalyst Edit multichannel audio workflow simplifies complex audio production, from camera to delivery. It’s one less headache for you to worry about.

Catalyst Production Suite integration makes your job easier.

Catalyst Prepare is the fast, simple, reliable path from camera to post. With Catalyst Edit you pick up right where you left off in Catalyst Prepare without dropping a frame or missing a beat. Together as the Catalyst Production Suite, they create a flowing integration that provides you with a seamless and fast workflow.

Your future editing system grows with you.

The fast, focused approach to editing in Catalyst Edit reveals a hint of what your future production system will be. The integration with Catalyst Prepare as part of the Catalyst Production Suite unveils the secret destination: a media prep and editing system that grows with you and for you in exactly the direction you need it to grow. Catalyst Prepare and Catalyst Edit are just the beginning. Hang on; this could get wild.

Mac OS X and Windows

Your computer is a tool you use to make great videos, and you run whatever operating system it takes to get the job done for your client. Whether you run Mac OS X or Windows, either way you need powerful editing capabilities. And if you use one at the studio and the other at the home office, you probably need to work on your projects on both systems. That’s why Catalyst Edit looks, feels, and functions exactly the same on either platform.

File format support


Click here to sign up for more information from Sony and check out demo videos of their new editing products.

50 Free Resources for Web Designers


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April 16, 2015

by Paul Andrew, marketblog.envato.com


In this post, I have collated my top 50 FREE resources for web designers over this past fantastic year.

There are libraries for quickly creating CSS charts and animating SVG icons, tools for converting image files to data URIs, web-based apps for creating icon fonts from SVGs, jQuery plugins for touch-enabled sliders, JavaScript libraries for creating animated GIFs, generators for creating Flexbox layouts… and much, much more.

To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, I’ve broken the 50 resources down into JavaScript Plugins & Tools, CSS Libraries, Tools & Frameworks, and Web-Based Tools & Services.

Digital Backlots: A New Type of Video Content


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April 15, 2015

by Pond5


We’re proud to announce the launch of a new type of video content on Pond5. Courtesy of CT Image, Digital Backlots are the ultimate solution for all your video compositing needs. Watch our introduction video and power up your productions!


Backlots are composed by stitching together three 4K shots to create 160 degrees panoramic footage at the effective resolution of 8K. Yes, you heard it right: 8K.


With Backlots+, CT Image matches a foreground element, like a sidewalk or a street, with the central 4K shot of the Backlot. That means you’ll need even less post-production magic to make your characters travel wherever you want in the world.

Click on the image to see Pond5 Backlots in action–


“You Already Have Permission With Attribution…”


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April 14, 2015

by dig.ccmixter



Music Free for Commercial Use

If you need free music for a commercial project, we can accommodate…

Radio-Ready Music

Great vocalists meet fresh, innovative producers every day on ccMixter. Together they make radio-ready tracks and remixes…

Instrumental Music for Videos & Film

Instrumental background or theme music freely available for non-commercial use…

Featured Music for Download

Editors’ Picks hand curated by staff and DJs, ready for your enjoyment…

For Musicians

All of the music on dig.ccmixter was created especially for this site. We don’t take your back-catalogue or original music you already have on your hard disk (!) We want to know what new things you can do with our 2,000 original a cappellas and 10,000 samples (that are all licensed under Creative Commons). If you’re up for a new way of thinking about creative collaboration then come join us at ccMixer.org

For Example: Snowflake – Acceptance (Levihica Remix)

and http://dig.ccmixter.org/tags/instrumental



Free After Effects Template(s): High-Performance Car Gauges & More


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April 13, 2015

By Caleb Ward, Premiumbeat

Turbocharge your next project with this free After Effects template! It’s fully-loaded with automotive HUD elements, sound effects, and icons.

If you’ve ever created HUD elements in After Effects, then you probably know how much effort it takes to create a well-designed animation with good timing. Well, we’ve found a quick template that can help you reach the finish line faster on your next project.

Sports Car Gauge After Effects

This free After Effects template from RocketStock (appropriately titled ‘Engaged’) features sixteen unique elements designed to simulate various gauges found on cars and motorcycles. There are three different looks, all of which can all be animated, colored, and renamed to your liking. In addition to the individual elements, there are nine high-octane sound effects and five dashboard icons.

RocketStock has also designed an awesome demo video to showcase the many ways it’s possible to use the elements. An interesting takeaway from the video is how well lens flares seem to blend with the car elements. Check it out:


Pretty cool, huh? Some of the slickest parts of the demo video are the macro shots of each individual gauge. Luckily for us, the template actually includes two compositions with details about how they were able to simulate realism with 2D elements. (Hint: It’s a combination of depth of field and reflections)

How to Download

If you want to download this free After Effects template, simply navigate to the corresponding blog post over at RocketStock and click the ‘download’ button.

Want even more free After Effects templates? Check out a few of the following resources:

  1. 10 Free After Effects Templates: Typography – PremiumBeat
  2. Free After Effects Template: Circle Bursts – RocketStock
  3. Free After Effects Templates: Title and Logo Effects – PremiumBeat

Did this free After Effects template crank your engines? How are you going to use it in your next project? Let us know in the comments.


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