How to Join Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Free


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November 25, 2015

by ProDeignTools

Get Adobe Creative Cloud Now, Free or Paid

Having originally launched four years ago, by this time you’ve heard of Adobe’s fast-growing Creative Cloud, you’ve dispelled the all-too-common myths out there surrounding it, and perhaps are considering subscribing to CC now that over 5 million of your colleagues already have…

You may also know that Adobe stopped development of the older “CS” releases back in 2012, and that there have been thousands of new product features, enhancements, and performance improvements added to CC since then, as well as integral new services.

But did you know that no matter what you do, you can sign up right now for a zero-cost class of membership that never expires and provides free benefits for life?  Anyone can have this in 84 countries worldwide, even if you still use the older tools instead, or even if you use no other Adobe products or services at all.

Here is all of what you get completely free, permanently:

    1. Two gigabytes of cloud space for storing, syncing, and sharing your files online (same as Dropbox).  The content your Adobe project/data files (like PSD, AI, INDD, or PDF) can be intelligently viewed in any browser, in application-specific ways… Viewers (including clients and non-Cloud members) can easily turn layers on and off, display relevant metadata, make comments, optionally download the files, and more – all without needing any other tools.
    2. Full integrated use of Adobe’s new family of mobile apps (over a dozen strong!), enabling you to sketch, draw, paint, create layouts, edit photos and make videos on your tablet or smartphone. Now powered by CreativeSync technology, your assets and apps are connected across your desktop computers and mobile devices, so you can do great work anywhere.
    3. A lifetime license for Adobe Bridge CC, their flagship desktop media browser and powerful digital asset manager that allows you to efficiently locate, organize, browse, preview, and batch process your content files – including most image, vector, audio and video files. Easily view and manage Photoshop PSD, Camera RAW, Illustrator AI, InDesign INDD, Acrobat PDF, Flash SWF, and many other types of files and documents, all without paid programs. (Yes, it’s free!)
Adobe Creative Cloud Growing Fast, Now Millions of Paid Subscribers (Click to Enlarge)
    1. Unrestricted use of Edge Web Fonts, a vast collection online fonts served forever to any website(s) of your choosing. Now over 500 free hosted typefaces to choose from!
    2. A full non-expiring license for Adobe Edge Animate 1.5 – you can download and use the EA desktop application to create interactive and animated web content with HTML5 technology.
    3. Game Developer Tools to build, optimize, and deliver web and mobile games – including free Adobe Scout and Adobe Flash C++ Compiler.
    4. Free PhoneGap Build capability to create a mobile app with HTML, CSS and Java­Script, and then deploy it to a wide range of devices.
    5. Free for one mobile device: Edge Inspect (formerly Adobe Shadow) to easily preview your work live on your device from the desktop in fast, remote-controlled fashion.
    6. No charge get started with Typekit professional fonts: choose two online font faces from nearly 1,000 available to use on a single website. You can also sync more than 130 great fonts to use in your favorite desktop programs, including CC trial apps, older versions of the Creative Suite, and even non-Adobe applications.
    7. Unlimited access to free Adobe Story screenwriting software to turn your ideas into screenplays and scripts.
    8. Integration of Behance’s community and portfolio capabilities, allowing you to seam­lessly create content, seek feedback, showcase and distribute your work. Behance now has almost 6 million members receiving over 200 million page views per month, and is a fantastic way to get exposure from like-minded creatives.
    9. Plus… fast and easy access to the free trials of all the new CC 2015 tools and services.  Even if you previously ran an Adobe trial in previous years, you still receive a fresh new 30+ day tryout period with the latest CC release. And every time Adobe does a major upgrade to the software going forward (expected to be annually), you’ll get another new free trial.

What’s New in Adobe CC?

How to get all this?  Well if you already have an Adobe ID then all it takes is confirming the free signup. And if you don’t have an Adobe ID yet, then it’s just six fields to fill out and no credit card needed:

Special: Legally download dozens of free Adobe books for a limited time!

Creative Cloud: Compare Free vs. Paid Memberships

If you later decide to join the Creative Cloud as a full paying sub­scriber, then you’ll keep all of the above – plus add the following:

      • Full access to the complete Adobe CC 2015 toolset, including Photoshop, Lightroom, Muse, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat DC Pro, Dreamweaver, Flash Pro, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, Edge Animate, Typekit Portfolio, and much more.
      • Use of the latest creative technology from Adobe with ongoing upgrades included as soon as they become available – you can always run the most recent product version.
      • You also have the ability to download, install and use older releases like CS6 Master Collection (together on the same machines as CC) if you want or need to.
      • Soon, the Behance ProSite (which is included for paid CC members) will be upgraded to Adobe Portfolio, which gives you a quick and intuitive way to create a beautiful portfolio website to show off your work, without having to write a line of code.
      • Access to 20 GB of online storage and other services from Adobe such as free Creative Cloud Training produced by industry-leading partners.
      • Full access to new and additional products that were never available through traditional perpetual licenses, such as Adobe Muse, Edge Animate, and Story Plus.
      • You can install the desktop programs on up to two of your computers, and easily move the software between different systems as needed.
      • Flexible and modest payments through monthly and yearly subscription options.

And if you ever stop or cancel your paid subscription, you will still retain all benefits of the free membership for life.

Do you have any further questions on what Creative Cloud is about, or how the free membership compares versus the paid/complete membership?  Check out our extensive Creative Cloud FAQ.

BTW: both Bridge CC and Edge Animate 1.5 are completely free for everyone with licenses that never expire!


Final Cut Pro X: Free 15+ Part Color Grading Series


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November 24, 2015

by Color Grading Central

Color Grading Central


When Apple introduced the new FCP X, it came with a newly designed color correction interface. Here you’ll find complete color grading training for FCP X. I hope that you find these color grading tutorials beneficial in your color grading. Here’s tutorial #1: “FCP X Color Grading Tutorial: What is Color Grading?”…

4 Free Final Cut Pro X Infographic Titles


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November 23, 2015

by Stupid Raisins

Stupid Raisins

This is a set of 4 FREE FCPX infographic titles. Animate you data with charts and graphs. Raise the roof!

  • Bar Graph
  • Pie Chart
  • Ring Chart
  • Number Chart

How do you install it?

Data Pop Free is distributed through FxFactory and installing depends if you already have FxFactory.

You have FxFactory installed.
  1. Open FxFactory (4.1.3 or newer required)
  2. In the upper right hand corner search for Data Pop Free.
  3. Click on Download.
  4. Once downloaded, you’ll see it in Final Cut Pro X.
  5. You may need to restart FCPX.
You DON’T have FxFactory installed.
  1. Download and install FxFactory.
  2. Follow steps 1-5 above.

How do you use it?

In Final Cut Pro X (10.1 or newer) click on the Title browser. Select Data Pop Free and then drag and drop a template to your timeline.

Depending on the template you’ll have some or all of the following options.

  • Graph colors
  • Graph size
  • Graph position
  • Text colors
  • Text styles
  • Background Colors
  • Background Opacity

If you need more charts and graphs, take a look at paid Data Pop. If you have any questions, suggestions or use this in a video let me know in the comments below.

Using (Free) Stock Footage for Website Backgrounds


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November 20, 2015

by Videvo


The New Age of Web Design: Video Backgrounds and Headers

They say a picture paints a thousand words. If that’s true, then what about video? In this article we explain the benefits of using stock footage to add a video background for your web page.

Here at Videvo, we aim to provide you with free HD stock footage that can be used and adapted in as many ways as possible – and this includes video for webpages. Whether you are designing a personal portfolio or customizing a company site, video can be a valuable addition to help make your webpage look polished, professional and ultimately stand out against others. And it’s now easier than ever before, particularly if you have access to a readily available source of free stock footage from yours truly.

But Why Should I Use Video?

videobgs-1A few things to keep in mind before selecting a featured video clip for your site: More here…



Almost $300 in Free Stuff from the New Color Grading Central


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November 19, 2015

by Denver Riddle
Color Grading Central

Color Grading Central

After 4 years the new completely redesigned Color Grading Central site and experience is here!


Now this is what you need to do in order to redeem the $289 in FREE products.

After visiting the link above you need to click the:

“GET STARTED” Button and sign up as a new member of the new CGC website.

Here are the products that we will be giving away:

  • M31 LUT from OSIRIS
  • ImpulZ Basic LUTs
  • cineLook for FCPX
  • Luster Grade Presets for FCPX & Premiere
  • Luster Film Burns

I think that you’ll love the products (if you don’t already have them) and you’ll appreciate the new experience with all the tutorials at your fingertips.

There’s more great content to come!

I will also be opening up and sharing with you my personal story and challenges I’ve gone through during the course of my career.

But to see that and to redeem your gifts you’ll have to click the on the “GET STARTED” to sign up!

Denver Riddle
Color Grading Central

Metering modes explained and how to know which one to use


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November 17, 2015

by Amy Kolodziej

Clickin Moms


Choosing a metering mode can be as important as choosing an ISO or aperture when you need to nail your exposure. Metering affects how your camera processes the scene, thus giving you a reading on your exposure in camera. I know that with the ability to “chimp”, or stop and look at the back of your dSLR after each image, we can take our meters for granted. As a wedding photographer (and as a mother to two young children that don’t allow “do-overs”), however, I simply do not have the time to second guess myself after each frame.

Most of today’s modern cameras have at least three different metering modes to choose from; matrix (evaluative), center-weighted, and spot. Some cameras are also equipped with a fourth metering type called highlight-weighted metering mode. Both of my Nikon bodies have this newer mode and so I’ve included it here.

Example of in-camera meter

By default, your camera WANTS you to be at a center or zero on the meter. Zero on the meter equates to 18% gray (some may argue 12% gray depending upon camera), which is a happy mid-tone. This makes sense if you are measuring only mid-tones. My problem with this is that often what is most important to me in a scene is not that simple. Skin, for instance, gives completely different “correct exposure” readings on the meter depending on ethnicity. Your meter may also be fooled by the lighting you are using depending on which mode you have set.  This is why it is important to learn the different modes and what results you can expect in each situation.

Click here to see the various explanations on Metering Modes

examples of different metering modes in a backlight situation by Amy Kolodziej


Autodesk Pixlr – A Free Alternative To Photoshop


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November 16, 2015

by Autodesk and Digimedia Dude

Pixlr is a fun and powerful photo editor that lets you quickly crop, rotate, and fine-tune any picture, free.

iPad Screenshot 1

Can’t afford Adobe’s Photoshop? Want to work on photos on your web browser without any software installation? Then you should check out Autodesk’s Pixlr, a free alternative photo and image creation tool that works in your browser. In this episode, I give you an overview of this great web app!



Free FX Friday: Tracked Masks in FCP X


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November 13, 2015

by Coremelt

CoreMelt is now making the power of mocha tracking in FCPX available completely free. You just need to request a license through our automated form and you will receive a permanent license which lets you use mocha tracking with oval and rectangle masks. Although this is just a small amount of the power of our full SliceX product, it still allows you to perform a lot of common useful tasks.

Click here to download.

How to Speed Ramp in Adobe Premiere


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November 12, 2015

by Sean Mullen, Rampant Design

How to Speed Ramp in Adobe Premiere

VFX Artist and Rampant Design CEO Sean Mullen shows us how to speed ramp in Adobe Premiere.

Written by Sean Mullen
Sean Mullen is a three-time Emmy Award winning visual effects artist with over sixty feature film and television credits. Sean has shot and created VFX elements for network shows, feature films, private hollywood libraries and has created content for many of the major stock companies His work has touched such acclaimed Hollywood and television productions as Charmed, Ally McBeal, NCIS, Felicity, Nip/Tuck, Idle Hands, Lake Placid and Any Given Sunday. Sean was inspired by his editor friends to create the first Rampant Design Tools – elements for his friends to mix and match and drop on their timelines that would instantly add a unique look / flavor to their videos. This inspiration essentially gave birth to many of the product lines you see at Rampant today. For more information, please visit

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