Color Correction vs. Color Grading

By Kevin Graham | FilmPac One of the most talked-about aspects of filmmaking is color. And on a big-picture level, there is often some confusion between these two broader terms: color correction, and color grading. In this article, we define each, and explain how they’re both critical parts of the video production process.

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500+ Free Sky and Cloud Overlays

by Do you need to replace a sky in Photoshop? Download over 500 free sky and cloud images and learn how to use them. Sky and cloud overlays help photographers and photo retouchers save time if they need to fix a photo’s skyline. Unfortunately, when you need to replace the sky, you may not […]

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5 Key Tips To Edit A Great Trailer

by FILMPAC  When it comes to trailers, most people think of the high-energy productions that preview an upcoming feature film. But these days, everything seems to have a trailer: events, album releases, documentaries, music videos, retail products, and even books. If you can learn to take advantage of this key aspect of marketing your project, […]

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