You can’t legally fly drones in the U.S. without taking this test

By Sean Berry | Videomaker The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is expanding its requirements for pilots to operate a drone in the U.S. This week, it released a new training program all U.S. drone pilots must pass if they want to fly a drone — commercially and recreationally. Known as the Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST), this […]

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How to Make Scenes Cinematic

By JR Strickland, Videomaker Some years back, I worked extremely hard on a short film. I wrote the script, got some actors, shot it and debuted it to my family. Nervously, I would wait for their reaction. My grandmother loved everything I did, my little sister told the truth, but one of my older sister’s had […]

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Master Your Own DIY Green Screen

by VideoMaker’s Chelsey Grasso Green screens offer a wide range of flexibility and creativity when it comes to making videos. From news reports to epic battle scenes, having the option of producing a chroma key green screen has made special effects and camera tricks much more accessible to the aspiring filmmaker. While green screen effects […]

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