5 Best Free Audio Editing Programs

BY LOGAN BAKER, Premiumbeat These five FREE audio editing programs will help you create the next great podcast, interviews, and narration. So, if you’re more on the beginner side of things, there’s really no need to pull your wallet out just yet. No matter the type of content you’re going to be editing—whether it’s podcasts or just general narration/VO—you […]

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352 Free Letterbox Templates for Video Editing (8K, 4K, HD & More)

BY LOGAN BAKER, Premiumbeat Easily give your videos the cinematic cropping they deserve with these free high-res letterbox templates for video editing. Despite having the ability to export footage in virtually any resolution, filmmakers and video producers are still limited to showing their work on screens with a very specific aspect ratios. Because of this, exporting your footage with letterboxes is […]

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FREE Hand-Painted Animated Fonts!

BY TODD BLANKENSHIP, Premiumbeat These free hand-painted animated fonts were painstakingly painted frame by frame to give your titles and design a fun, energetic feel. This FREE pack of animated fonts includes the following: 26 pre-keyed thick letters (.mov) 26 pre-keyed thin letters (.mov) 1 After Effects project file for easy use Download the Free Hand-Painted […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Logline

BY DARIN BRADLEY, Premiumbeat A well-written logline is an effective tool for selling your film project. A bad one, however, can stop it in its tracks. Here’s what you need to know. A logline is a simple descriptive sentence that identifies the inciting incident (motivation and/or risks), the protagonist, the primary action, and the antagonist. This straightforward sentence reduces all the […]

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