FREE 4K Products and FREE Adobe and Apple Training from Rampant Design


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July 25, 2014

by Rampant Design


includes a whole bunch of detailed tutorials, some including Rampant samplers of their current products!

Click here to check them out & download the clips to use in your learning.




8 Great Free Audio Plug-ins to Improve your Sound


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July 24, 2014

By Michele Yamazaki, Toolfarm

If you’re an audio professional, or just a dabbler, here are some freeware plug-ins to help you create some excellent effects, fix problems and create the sound you want.

Here are some tested quality free plug-ins that are worth downloading for Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro and other host applications. Some may work in your video applications like Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas or Avid Media Composer if they are compatible with the format. For more information, take a look at In Depth: Audio Plug-ins and Formats for Video Professionals.

1. QuikQuak UpStereo

Description: A stereo enhancer that makes mixes bigger, allowing you to go from mono to wide, to help bring the stereo image out and toward the listener.

Compatibility: VST and RTAS compatible

Download: UpStereo


2. iZotope Vinyl

Description: Enhance your sound with the ultimate authentic lo-fi vinyl scratches, mechanical noise, warp, wear, dust and grit.

Compatibility: RTAS, VST, AU, D

Download: iZotope Vinyl

More from iZotope

Bonus Freebie: Through the end of July, download Food from the iZotope Iris Sound Library for free, if you buy or own Iris.

3. Avid Bomb Factory Studio Essentials for Pro Tools

Description: Bomb Factory BF76, BF Essentials Clip Remover, BF Essentials Correlation Meter, BF Essentials Meter Bridge, BF Essentials Noise Meter, BF Essentials Tuner and Funk Logic Mastererizer. You need an Avid account to download the tools.

Compatibility: A mix of RTAS, TDM, AU. Click the download link for specifics for each plug-in.

Download: Avid Bomb Factory Plug-ins

More audio tools from Avid

4. de la Mancha free plug-ins

Description: GTO and GTX are vintage “character compressors”.  QB3 is a 3-band EQ plug-in that gives a vintage-flavor. Clipstar is a soft clipper. Scylla is multi-layered synthesizer and includes oscillators and a sample player. They have several others on the site too, but these are the newest. Download and if you like them, consider making a donation to Cancer Research UK on their site.

Compatibility: VST

Download: de la Mancha freebies


5. Sinevibes Atom

Description: This multi-mode modulator filter has five different resonant types.

Compatibility: AU

Hosts: Logic, GarageBand, Live, ReNoise, Reaper, Studio One, Digital Performer and other software that supports Audio Unit effect plugins.

Download: Sinevibes Atom


6. vladg/sound Limiter No. 6

Description: Mastering modular limiter with 5 modules: RMS compressor, peak limiter, high-frequency limiter, clipper, true peak limiter.

Compatibility: VST Mac and Windows, AU

Download: Vladg/sound Limiter No. 6

7. Togu Audio Line TAL-NoiseMaker

Description: Fancy analog-modeling synth with 128 presets. 3 oscillators, lots more.

Compatibility: VST Mac and Windows, AU

Download: TAL-NoiseMaker

8. Blue Cat’s Chorus

Description: Modulation plug-in with gain, flanger, phaser, etc. Simple but super useful. Comes with presets.

Compatibility: VST Mac and Windows, AU, RTAS, AAX, DirectX

Download: BlueCat Freeware Bonus: lots of other Blue Cat’s plug-ins are available for free at this link!

A Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet


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July 23, 2014


Having a business in today’s world, it is so important to reach out to your customers through all of the various social media channels. It is a great place for all photographers to showcase examples of your work and (hopefully) have them go viral and help promote your company. So, have you ever been on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and wondered what size images you have to use? Here is a handy infographic from Constant Contact with some details for image size requirements for Facebook and other social media sites.

Why Are Images So Important on Social Media?

Facebook is by far one of the most popular social media sites out there, and in its early days, it used to be all about text and links. Now that it has grown and grown, images have become SO important to the platform. Not only are they important to show your own identity on the site (whether you are an individual user or a company page) but they are also a HUGE part of what makes Facebook so appealing.

On Facebook, and every other social media site, images are worth a thousand words. And how important are images to a photographer? Pretty important!!! When we talk about images for social, we do not just mean photos… this can also include drawings, infographics, charts, postcards, and even text that are designed as an image like the quote graphics that are so popular now-a-days.

The engagement rate is shown to be higher with a post that includes an image. Not only does it give a very visual impact, think of an image that shows up in your own Newsfeed… it takes up more space than just a post that includes only text. It just makes sense that a larger graphic – especially a gorgeous one that really stands out – will make a better impact to the viewer.

A good thing to keep in mind is that the social media realm is constantly changing, as could these size requirements. If they do, be sure to check on what those new size requirements may be before you post!

Here are the image size requirements for Facebook and all the other social media sites out there:

1x1.trans Image Size Requirements for Facebook

A Few Photo Tips To Remember

Now that you have the image size requirements for Facebook, think of the photos you use. As far as the different photos you use on Facebook specifically, here are a few tips are good to remember for all the other social media sites as well (especially Twitter)!

  • Use a unique image to represent your page. The image you use for your cover photo on Facebook is one that should showcase what type of business you are. Just remember that it will be the first thing image that the customer has of your profile.
  • Try and experiment with different images to see if one gets a better response than another.
  • It is good practice to change up your cover photo on Facebook (or Twitter!) to highlight special events coming up, any seasonal trends you may want to showcase or any other specific campaigns your company may be doing at the time.
  • Your social media profile image is what is shown for you on the Newsfeeds and should be something that is recognizable to your fans and followers.

Also keep in mind that photos included as a Facebook ad has its own set of rules and regulations. You can read about those here.


AudioBlocks keeps up with the demand for music and audio files


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July 22, 2014

Inc. 30 Under 30 Alum Joel Holland unveils AudioBlocks to keep up with the demand for music and audio files. Something’s in the air.

joel holland

Joel Holland

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, stock images blanket the Internet. Joel Holland is hoping that audio clips will follow suit.

As the founder and CEO of the Reston, Virginia-based VideoBlocks, a leading online stock footage vendor that boasts more than 100,000 customers in the television and video production industry, Holland has a good sense of the Web’s appetite for content. And he’s convinced that audio is the next big thing.

“Music is to video what filters are to photos,” says the Inc. 500 CEO who was also featured on last year’s 30 Under 30 list. Today, Holland is putting that belief to the test with the launch of a new stock music sharing site dubbed AudioBlocks.

Like VideoBlocks, AudioBlocks offers a subscription-pricing model–that is, $99 a year grants users unlimited access to more than 100,000 royalty free tracks, sound effects and loops. An added enticement: If consumers cancel their subscription, they still own the rights to everything they previously downloaded.

Not sure if the Web is all that ravenous for music? Just look at the latest acquisitions in the music streaming world as something of a guide. In May, Apple snapped up Beats for $3 billion. The next month, Amazon launched its own music streaming service for its Prime members. Then in July Google acquired music-streaming service Songza for an estimated $15 million. (The exact purchase price was never disclosed.)

Obviously, there’s a gulf between music streaming and sound effects, but the writing is on the wall, says Holland.

Before launching AudioBlocks, Holland surveyed VideoBlocks’ customers about what the site was missing. The resounding response was music. And though there are competitors already in the space, Holland thinks AudioBlocks has an upper hand. In the survey, consumers had three issues with other stock music options that AudioBlocks seeks to eliminate:

Price – VideoBlocks consumers are cost conscious and pay less than $1 per clip, and they wanted to see a similar option with audio. (A single audio clip on Shutterstock can start at $49, which is doable but not ideal, according to Holland.)

Complex licensing – It can be confusing what consumers pay for when they download a track, Holland says. They may be paying for rights only in the U.S., rights only on the Internet, etc. Other stock music sites price out the little guy if they want complete rights to use the music Holland said. With AudioBlocks, consumers get full licensing.

Ability to discover the right track – It is hard to search for the right music. A consumer can’t always easily search for music to fit the mood of the particular project they are working on.

Current customers helped AudioBlocks come up with an approach to searching for appropriate music.  Customers can choose a mood and even select the beat per minute they feel would be appropriate in the clip and narrow their search.

“It is a really cool time in the evolution of the Internet in terms of content creation,” Holland says. “I am pumped to be along for the ride.”

VideoBlocks launced in 2010, after it was noticed that there were more content creators coming out of the woodwork. Many people that are creating these videos are doing so for fun or are freelancers, trying to make some money. It was unaffordable for some users to get quality stock media, and VideoBlocks was launched as an alternative to Getty and Shutterstock. Today, VideoBlocks, along with GraphicStock, has seen 30 million downloads, with about 30,000 per day.


The Universe is Expanding, Thanks to Red Giant


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July 21, 2014

By Jeff Riegel for Red Giant Universe

Red Giant Universe 1.1

Red Giant earlier this year had created a new first-of-it’s-kind plug-in subscription model for media creative’s aptly named, Universe. I was given the chance months ago to review Universe, but opted to wait a few months until I could personally use the variety of plug-ins as well as review the feedback and testing aspects of this new subscription-based model. Think: ‘Creative Cloud’ with Red Giant products. That said, as of late June 2014, Red Giant updated Universe to version 1.1 which includes nine new effects plus updates to three existing products. There are now 59 effects and transitions in Universe, most of which are free.


Once I was able to fumble my way through the awkward registration and install process (it took me a few tries to activate my subscription in the proper order), then configuring ‘Red Giant Link’ where my subscription plug-ins appear, the tools finally yet magically appeared in my effects browser of my favorite NLE applications. Issues were also encountered in mid-June 2014 when Adobe’s Creative Cloud 2014 appeared on the market as an upgrade. Thankfully, the folks at Red Giant were able to fix compatibility issues with Universe the next day announcing they were ready for CC 2014:

Red Giant’s Universe is a free service providing media-folk access to a diverse set of free and paid visual tools including blurs, glows and transitions plug-ins. It is not an application. Community members have the opportunity to use these tools in their productions then provide feedback and suggestions to Red Giant for improvements. Premium subscribers have a chance to test out new beta tools before others. Then, Red Giant will take this feedback into consideration to integrate back into future Universe products and thus expand their product line to satisfy customer’s desires. ‘Universe Labs’ allows members the opportunity to vote on tools they want to see go into development. It’s a win-win for all!

Universe Labs Voting

Universe Labs Voting


Of note: not all Red Giant software is offered under the Universe umbrella, paid or otherwise. Red Giant Universe is a new set of tools that does not included any of their plug-ins from the Trapcode, Color, Shooter or Keying suites. Some tools from the Effects Suite are being ported over to Universe for better speed and results, but Universe Premium Membership includes only the Universe versions of those tools – not the entire Effects Suite.  As an editor and graphics newbie, I find Magic Bullet, PluralEyes and Trapcode Particular indispensable to my craft and would be great additions to Universe someday. However, the ever-popular Hollowmatrix, RetroGrade, ToonIt and long-favorite Knoll Light Factory are included in the premium subscription toolset. These plug-ins now run in Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Motion and Premiere Pro on both Mac OSX and Windows.

But how does Red Giant do it? In previous years, we creators would potentially have to wait years for a product update or new version. I don’t thoroughly understand it, nor am I a software engineer by any means, but Red Giant uses Supernova—an in-house tool to hold true on their promise to deliver new products and updates to their Universe collection in a timely fashion. This effects editor will allow new plug-ins to be built continuously, based on the feedback of the community I described above. Wouldn’t it be swell to allow those of us (with an interest) to create plug-ins, too, then share them with the world via Supernova? Video Co-Pilot, among others, does this by allowing their members to create and share their Optical Flares.


To sum it up, at a quite reasonable premium subscription starting at only $10 per month, Red Giant Universe offers an impressive range of tools for the filmmaker and graphic-artist. A $99 yearly subscription or a #399 lifetime subscription is also offered. Download the trial where you’ll get access to all the effects, including premium ones, for 30 days.

For more FAQ, click here.


Special thanks to Red Giant and the Zazil Media Group for allowing me the opportunity to spend time with their fine product and to share my take on Red Giant Universe.


Crunch Time!

Originally posted on The Lost Clipper:


Ok, we are 40% there but have 72 hours left.  If EVERYONE reading this gave one of these, we would meet the goal.  Won’t you please help?  Please pledge here:

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New NLE Color Features

Originally posted on digitalfilms:


As someone who does color correction as often within an NLE as in a dedicated grading application, it’s nice to see that Apple and Adobe are not treating their color tools as an afterthought. (No snide Apple Color comments, please.) Both the Final Cut Pro 10.1.2 and Creative Cloud 2014 updates include new tools specifically designed to improve color correction. (Click the images below for an expanded view with additional explanation.)

Apple Final Cut Pro 10.1.2


This FCP X update includes a new, built-in LUT (look-up table) feature designed to correct log-encoded camera files into Rec 709 color space. This type of LUT is camera-specific and FCP X now comes with preset LUTs for ARRI, Sony, Canon and Blackmagic Design cameras. This correction is applied as part of the media file’s color profile and, as such, takes affect before any filters or color correction is applied.

These LUTs…

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120 Powerful Resume Words to Get A Job


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July 17, 2014

by Dawn Boyer,

Some of the issues I encounter when reviewing job seekers’ resumes are descriptions loaded with subjective language, misleading inclusivity, or passive language.

Examples are:

Performed flawlessly - subjective, provide results instead of an adjective.

Responsible for the managing of contracts – Managed contracts is active, but also tell me what you accomplished with that responsibility.

Hand-picked to be (insert job title) – It’s important to know that you were selected for the position (which I frequently see on transitioning military resumes), but what did you accomplish?

Or the job seeker adds filler terms or unnecessary words or phrases such as:

In order to

Responsible for

Oversight in the area of

Subject to all the policies and procedures of

These filler terms and stock phrases clog your resume and don’t communicate your talents, skills and abilities to the recruiter.

Even worse, the job seeker provides minor details about job tasks or talks about what the company does versus what they accomplished as a cleared job seeker. A resume is supposed to be first, a synopsis of a job seeker’s most vital achievements in the described position and second, a teaser for the hiring manager to entice them to bring in the job seeker for an interview.

Resumes are shorthand descriptions of metrics-based achievements for the employer. Don’t regurgitate the ad words in the resume. Keep the wording rich. Make one word equate to two, three, or four words or a whole paragraph. Use powerful action verbs to start a resume accomplishment statement. Describe in one word what hiring managers can interpret (reading between the lines) as a paragraph of job related description. The rich power words should be followed with a brief description linked with a metric to ‘show, not tell.’

Recruiters love these rich capability descriptions, and get excited about the metrics. The resume provides a visual image of the job seeker working hard, getting tasks accomplished, as well as showcasing just how well they achieved those responsibilities. All without telling, but showing what they they did for current or past employers.

Use power words and verbs in the next revision of your resume. Crush the wording down to a minimum and save your white space to talk about how wonderful you are as a cleared professional.

Power Words

Insinuation, Implication, and Assumption in Context

Absorbed able to see where duplicity occurs and analyze where company assets can be better applied with less man-hours or increased productivity, as well as reducing redundancy; took over a duplicative department / staffing; reduced excess
Accelerated able to creatively speed up processes or productivity
Achieved accomplished unique goals versus fulfilling rote tasks
Adapted the ‘same old’ didn’t work anymore, so you moved it up a notch with new tricks or techniques improving productivity or revenue (or decreased overhead); ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking
Advanced moved (the company) forward in a positive direction achieving strategic objectives and/or goals
Announced lead or teamed with public relations and marketing to launch new products or services
Appraised supervised others or procedures where you were the subject matter expert
Assessed able to analytically look at multiple viewpoints for advantages and disadvantages to the company
Assigned shouldered new or addition tasking or you supervised others with new job responsibilities
Attained department or division was able to achieve a milestone based on efforts and supervision/leadership of team
Attracted marketing efforts brought in additional revenue
Balanced problematic issues were addressed, solutions found, and resolution created – diplomatic capability
Bargained saved money or reduced costs within department, division, or company by achieving better contracts
Beneficial actions and decisions were of a positive nature to co-workers or to the company
Benefited the company or a part of it moved in a positive direction financially or productivity-wise
Bolstered exponential improvements to upcoming positive growth that was increased with more involvement
Boosted revenue or productivity was increased with a ‘swift kick in the you know what’ to get it going again
Budgeted in charge of money, a position of trust and capability of analysis in financial planning and fund disbursement
Built you planned, organized, and managed an element for the first time within the organization
Closed a negative gap or continuous loss was stopped, dammed, or prevented; or plans that were on hold were completed
Collaborated showcases ability to get along with others, teamwork
Comply awareness of existing demands or situations; ability to follow instructions or lead others to complete mandated tasks
Conceptualized thinking out of the box and creatively to resolve or solve concerns or issues creating negative impact on the business
Critiqued provided feedback and guidance to subordinates: offered constructive ideas to co-workers/supervisors
Delegated undertook a leadership position to direct and guide others
Demonstrated provided documentation or proof of capability for work-related responsibilities
Designed using experience and creativity, provided a solution for a
Detected awareness of potential issues, hazards, or liabilities to the business that others missed in the past
Developed capability of building a program, training curriculum, project, from start to finish in a timely manner
Directed able to delegate tasks to one or more and provide guidance and oversight to accomplishing responsibilities
Efficient productive without wasting resources, assets, or manpower
Enhanced took something that was good and made it better
Enriched added or evolved something to make it produce more revenue, easier to use, more powerful, or reduce man hours
Exceeded when perfection is demanded, went beyond the ceiling of acceptability
Excelled when tasked, provided solutions or completion within deadlines far above the minimum standards
Financed enabled funding for projects
Forecasted analyzed and projected actions or future business activities to plan for positive or negative outcomes
Formulated analyzed and developed a way to help others solve a problem, conduct future planning, or provide preventative actions
Fulfilled capable of completing work, orders, tasks, responsibilities
Generated produced income, funding, task fulfillment, and positive outcomes
Granted as the point of contact and decision maker
Guided delegated actions, provided oversight and leadership
Handled able to accomplish or complete depth and breadth of tasking and responsibilities within acceptable timelines
Helped capable of assisting others in addition to primary or secondary job parameters
Hosted managed a unique set of circumstances, for a varied group size of co-workers or external clients
Implemented can take a plan and put it in action for positive end-game
Improved foresight to see potential improvements, and took action to get the improvements completed
Increased improved revenue or productivity
Influenced able to communicate in ways that influences others
Initiated capable of starting actions without reluctance
Innovated thinks creatively to find unique solutions
Instituted understands environment and capable of analyzing / starting improvement projects or programs
Integrated capable of blending, melding, or molding multiple states of existence into a more productive alternative
Introduced brings in new processes, technology, or procedures to improve work flow or revenue
Investigated analytical mind with ability to ask for details and obtain results using diplomatic methods and unbiased viewpoints
Justified intelligently capable of explaining or providing valid points for a decision or action
Lead / Led able to manage or supervise others in a fair, unbiased manner
Listed able to get documentation into recognized forums (public or private)
Logged documentation is available to prove that tasks and responsibilities have been achieved
Maintained able to sustain momentum or completion of tasks
Managed leadership qualities with supervisory tasks
Maximized able to expand the productivity or positive aspects
Measured analytical skills ensure required metrics
Mentored capability of training and guiding others to additional work or life skills
Multiplied increased assets or capabilities with exponential results
Negotiated able to resolve concerns, obtain approval, influence others
Observed able to see viewpoints of other’s work
Obtained capability of attaining assets where others may have failed or creative ways of funding or finding alternative solutions
Operated carried out responsibilities within a unique set of parameters
Organized has the capability to plan systematically
Oversaw has the ability to macro or micro manage without overstepping boundaries at the optimum amount of supervision
Persuaded able to convince others to perform delegated tasks or responsibilities in a diplomatic or tactful manner
Planned analyze / outline procedures in a logical manner
Positivity ensure that environment is motivated
Presented capable of training, mentoring, preparing to convince, and speak in front of others
Programmed manage programs and ability to logically set up steps of progression
Projected able to look into the future to predict actions, business environment, revenue, or assets based on current environment
Promoted others saw the potential and provided greater responsibilities
Provided work output enabled others to complete or perform their tasks and responsibilities
Qualified education and training enabled additional task accomplishments
Quantified able to analytically compile and provide metrics for work results
Quoted part of sales team enabling revenue stream
Ran describes actions that resulted in positive work outcome
Reacted able to provide actions to certain events as they happen
Recommended subject matter expertise used within the business environment
Recovered saved money or prevented losses or waste
Reduced identifies excess; analyzes and plans actions to eliminate
Refine can take low-level states and improve upon them
Reinstated able to put measures, policies, or procedures back into place
Rejected analytical capabilities allows identification of negative impacts upon business
Responsible sole person in charge for completing actions, goal setting, and reaching objectives for specific tasks, responsibilities
Retained observations and SME opinion ensures positive impact environment remains a status quo
Revamp creative thinking enables positive improvements
Saved capable of retaining projects / programs when assets are devalued or removed
Scheduled time management skills enable work productivity
Screened talented at filtering through elements to identify best options
Secured obtained funding, assets, or man-power that ensured business success
Segmented analysis ensured projects, programs, or assets were separated into more productive units
Simplified deconstruct a cumbersome asset and broke down the elements to more user-friendly environment
Skilled has the year of hands-on experience that enables completion of tasks and responsibilities with best practice decisions
Solved problem solver
Spearheaded leadership capabilities
Streamlined able to deconstruct programs or projects into simpler elements
Strengthened provided insight, assets, ideas to improve current elements
Supported work and responsibilities enabled others, subordinates or supervisors, to better complete their work parameters
Sustained enabled the status quo by performing to minimum or higher standards
Taught training, mentoring, or developing curriculum to improve understanding, skills sets, and work environment
Trained teaching others new skills sets or providing review of past learning
Translated enable better communications of language, understanding, or protocol to ensure better business interactions internally or externally
Triumphed enabled the business to win valued awards, business, contracts, or improved revenue against competitors
Troubleshot problem solver
Tutored mentoring co-workers one-on-one to ensure business best practice and skill sets
Uncovered analysis ensured potential issues were exposed and resolved before liabilities occurred
Unified brought opposing elements together in a diplomatic meeting of the minds in opinion
United brought competitive elements together to work in conjunction with each other for elevated business productivity
Updated added new elements that provide better, more modern, productivity
Upgraded enabled older ‘legacy’ systems, projects, or programs to improve in business environment for greater productivity or revenue
Validated enabled confirmation of business statistics, planning, reports, special projects, or data
Viewed reliable observer of processes or procedures
Witnessed observed unique or vital event affecting business
Worldwide familiarity with international business community

Dawn BoyerDawn Boyer is a career services coach, social media management, human resources, and business development consultant. Follow Dawn on Twitter @Dawn_Boyer.

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The Dojo Toolkit Script makes Redundants Faster & EZer


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July 16, 2014

by VinhSon Nguyen, Creative DoJo

This is an awesome & simple script that makes all those redundant yet sometime tedious chores available at the touch of a single button all within your version of after effects.

Dojo Toolkit ThumbnailThe Dojo Toolkit Script is a tool to quickly setup project folder structures, easily apply expressions, and instantly create pre-made setups for Adobe After Effects CS3+. It is a timesaving script from VinhSon Nguyen of Creative DoJo and has been made public for those who want to use the script for their own workflow.


  • Instantly add letterboxing to your compositions with adjustable aspect ratio
  • Setup a camera rig for easy camera animations, including individual axis control, dolly control, HPB, and more
  • Add grain/color grading adjustment layers with pre-applied effects
  • Handy buttons to quickly add new solids, adjustment layers, nulls, and more
  • Quickly apply easing expressions from Ease and Wizz (Thanks to Ian Haigh)
  • Apply expressions such as bounce, autofade, loopIn, and pendulum to properties with full slider controls
  • Save screenshots of your compositions quickly with full transparency support
  • Create a project folder structure for all your assets in one click
  • Clean up your project by removing unused files and footage
  • Quickly purge image caches


  • Simplified UI for small buttons
  • Added additional preset buttons for quick effect applications (Element 3D)

Demo Video


Click here to download:  Creative DoJo



Lightworks Editor in Public Beta


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July 15, 2014

by Lightworks


Mac Public Beta

Lightworks in Public Beta

Want to try a new editing system? Well the new edition of Lightworks is in Public Beta. Lightworks has been around for years (over 20 of them) and is used by a great many ‘film’ editors. Here’s what Lightworks has to say about it’s editor…

Lightworks is our full-featured editor with all the power, performance and features you would expect, with support for all major professional broadcast formats from SD, HD, 2K and Red 4K files. We believe that to make great work, you need great tools. And editing is no exception. Our mission is to give everybody access to the most affordable professional non-linear video editor available. Offering the same tools that professionals around the world have been using every day for the last 20 years to edit feature films, dramas, news and sports. Lightworks gives you everything you need to make your next movie look great!

To download the Beta click here.

Lightworks 11.5

Also available in Windows, Mac & Linux versions


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