Four Things Marketers Can Learn From the ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’


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August 29, 2014

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140818EKUClassesHow do you raise money and awareness via the Internet without spending money on advertising? You call out people by name and give them an ultimatum.

The ALS Challenge (aka the Ice Bucket Challenge) did exactly that and has already raised more than $15 million to date since the campaign kicked off on July 29th. The challenge dares people to pour a bucket of ice water over their heads and to post it on social media. These participants are given 24 hours to complete the challenge after they have been nominated; otherwise they are to make a donation to the charity in support of the Lou Gehrig’s disease research.

Here Are Four Things Marketers Can Learn From the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.”

1. The power of video. Videos are likely to go viral and exponentially reach more people if the content draws attention. Being able to create awe is a good indicator that they’ll be clicking the “share” button on your content, and you’ll be enjoying far-reaching exposure with new potential followers and brand ambassadors.

2. It was fun and easy. Brands and marketers are constantly asking people to do things through contests — it’s one way to get your audiences to engage. Whether it’s tweeting for a discount or signing up on an email list to win a free duffle bag, it works to varying degree. But it doesn’t often generate a lot of buzz because it’s not that uncommon of a tactic.

Dumping a bucket of ice water over your head? Now that’s a compromising situation we all love to take part of. Who could forget Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign? The summer campaign went viral persuading people to use the hashtag, “#ShareaCoke” on social media to share personal experiences around the world simply because Coca-Cola is selling Coke cans with your name on it (read more here).

3. Timing. Not many will throw a bucket of ice water over their head in the midst of winter even if it’s for a worthy cause. The ALS Association’s impeccable timing of the Ice Bucket Challenge shows that they understood how likely people were to participate, and share the challenge with their friends, during the hottest month of the year.

Similarly, maximizing your brand’s effectiveness on social media means knowing when to strike, whether with a campaign, new content, or a proposal of your own. Knowing your audience and your content well is the easiest way to perfectly time your brand’s social media activity.

4. Charity. The ALS Association has kept their quest to raise money for awareness at the center of the Ice Bucket Challenge, never failing to remind participants that their efforts are going towards helping make a better tomorrow for those suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Most people would not have done this if not for the charity element.

The power of a good cause is an effective way to get people involved. Back in April of 2014, TriVision hosted the Life After Domestic Violence (LADV) “Phoenix Rising” Charity Gala and Fashion Show at our studio. Both the attendees and staff felt they were having a shared experience among each other and the charitable element turned it into feel-good cause marketing (read more about the event here).

A well-constructed social media plan has no limit to the effect it can have on your business. Did you do the Ice Bucket Challenge?  



The Difference Between Time-Lapse and Hyperlapse


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August 28, 2014

by Geoff Tompkinson

Photographer Geoff Tompkinson defines time-lapse vs. hyperlapse on his blog, writing that in time-lapse, “the action in a scene is speeded-up and the camera is either static or moving very short distances under control of some sort of motorized motion rig. [While hyperlapse] enables the camera to be moved over considerable distances. This movement can occur across relatively uneven terrain, can pass without disturbance through crowded situations, and allows for fully controlled complex motion paths and camera angle changes.”

See examples of both below and read more here on The Creators Project.

This is Hyperlapse from geoff tompkinson on Vimeo.


‘The Lake’ – A reflective homage to Lake Hallstatt in Upper Austria from geoff tompkinson on Vimeo.


FREE Transition Love Lite


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August 27, 2014


Your life is about to get easier.

Transition Love Lite is a FREE sampler of our full Transition Love Collection for FCPX.
This pack contains 3 fully functioning light leak transitions from the full collection and is completely royalty free.

To download Transition Love Lite click here!

Full integration with final cut pro x
Built from the ground up, Transition Love Lite plugins provide smooth and completely natural integration into Final Cut Pro X.


Note: Image above displays full Transition Love pack of 31 variations. Transition Love Lite contains only 3 transitions. 


Transition Love Lite gives you the power to customise your transitions from directly within the transitions Inspector window.

Fine tune each light leak parameter to get it exactly how you want it.
This means spending less time trying to achieve the look you’re after and more time creating your masterpiece.

These adjustments include


Try Transition Love Lite today!
You’ll receive:
*3 high quality light leak transitions
*Fully integrated into Final Cut Pro
*Customisable by color, hue, blend mode, positioning and more.

To download Transition Love Lite click here!


The ultimate FREE Plugin list for FCPX


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August 26, 2014



In this article we are going to share over 50 FREE Final Cut Pro X plugins that we reckon are pretty darn awesome!

One of the areas where Final Cut Pro trumps its competition is the plugin universe it nurtured around FCPX. The amount of talented plugin creators that are out there making plugins, effects, templates and transitions for Apples industry leading editing platform is pretty epic.

With so many fantastic companies and individuals making such brilliant plugins, the video editing landscape has never looked healthier or more creative. Things that used to take hours and had to be built up over layers and layers (and layers) are now as simple as drag…and…drop.

Many of these plugins are released as freebies from companies (giving a sample of their full plugins) or from other FCPX editors simply looking to share the cool plugin that they’ve created.

Here at we have just done that very same thing with “Transition Love Lite” our own free collection of light leak transitions for FCPX.

In making our new plugin collection we got to thinking – “What other fantastic free plugins are out there just waiting to be discovered?“.

So, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of what we think are the 50 (actually it’s 53…we got carried away!) best plugins for FCPX. They consist of transitions, title templates, effects and generators.

With that many plugins to get through we better get started!  click here to see all 50…

FREE… Gold CS6 3D After Effects Template


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August 25, 2014


The 3D Material Template project I was commissioned by Adobe to create is now available for free download. It was created to give you some ideas when working with 3D ray traced scenes in After Effects CS6.

Click here to view the 18 minute video on how to customize this free template and to download the FREE project file, Gold 3D Material Template.

10 More FREE After Effects Templates


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August 22, 2014

by , Premium Beat

Looking to add motion design to your video projects but short on time or budget?  Here’s 10 free After Effects templates to add bang without the bucks!

Free Adobe After Effects Templates

With the overwhelming interest in our previous post on free After Effects templates, we’ve decided to put together another batch of slick motion design project files that you can get gratis!  These free AE templates are great to have in your video editing and motion design toolkit, for those times when you need good looking effects cheap and fast!  Modify any of these After Effects project files to create your own cool effects.

Click here for the list and video preview of all 10 templates.

FREE Grungy Photoshop Brushes


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August 21, 2014

by Joren Kandel,

The Pixel Lab

FreeTools Banner3

Hey guys, I found 10 packs of grungy Photoshop brushes which are nicely made. What you can do it load the brush presets into Photoshop, create a document with an alpha background, and use the brush to create a document sized piece of grunge which has an alpha behind it.  Enjoy the free brushes!

1. 15 Wicked Wings

2. Sponge Brushes

3. 10 Grunge Brushes

4. Splatter Brushes

5. 15 Dirty Grid Brushes

6. Watercolor Brushes

7. Coffee Rings

8. Paint Line Brushes

9. High Res Spray Paint Brushes

10. High Res Splatter Brushes

AE Flame: Generate beautiful keyframable fractal animations FREE


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August 20, 2014

by aescripts

aescripts + aeplugins

Fractal Flames are always beautiful and AEFlame is a great plugin created by Andrew Davidson, which helps AE users explore the depth of Mathematical space right in After Effects. Interestingly, this plugin existed since AE 4.0, but the author didn’t port it to the recent versions of After Effects. Luckily, he was generous enough to release the source of the plugin so this is the CS4/CS5 port.

Remember, this is just a direct port and it has not been extensively tested.

This should be considered a beta quality release. However we have not experienced any issues with it so far. You can report issues, but don’t expect any support.

AE Flame

Install Instructions:

Drop the appropriate plug-in file into your Plug-ins folder. Apply the Effect from Effect->Render->AEFlame


Still Searching for The Lost Clipper


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August 19, 2014

by Jeff Riegel

I wanted to invite you to follow me and my friend and fellow-video enthusiast, Guy Noffsinger, in our search for The Lost Clipper.  We’ve now been in Micronesia for over a week now.  Hopefully you’ve been following our posts from across the pond (and through the jungles!)


What is The Lost Clipper?  The circumstances surrounding the Pan Am airplane’s disappearance are quite startling.  In an age where nothing seems new and remakes abound, the story of the Hawaii Clipper is fresh, unique and quite riveting. The bottom line is that the plane was allegedly carrying 3 million in gold bank notes as ransom for Amelia Earhart and was triple crossed during the hand over.  The plane, its 15 passengers and crew were captured, murdered by rogue Japanese aviators and buried face down in a concrete slab on a small Pacific island.  We are looking for those bodies.

This documentary is an effort to finally solve civil aviation’s very first aircraft hijacking.

Photo main

I will double in duties as cinematographer, location editor and blogger during the trip so look for our posts thru August 24th. If you haven’t yet already done so, I recommend signing up for free updates on our sister website to follow our progress through each milestone. For the next  week, we will post photos, and if the bandwidth permits, video clips of our trek though the remote jungles of Truk Lagoon. The weather has been pretty hot & humid, so don’t expect any pretty images of palm trees and placid waters… more like occasional monsoonal downpours!

Please click on the link to join us in our search for The Lost Clipper.

Stay tuned…

7 Free After Effects Templates…


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August 18, 2014

By Kim Sternisha, toolfarm

Here are 7 Free After Effects templates to help give your logos and titles the style, pop, or panache you are looking for.  In many cases, tutorials are included.

Come back again this Friday when GLJ Media shares another post with 10 more FREE After Effects Templates…



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