How to Fix Desaturated Colors in Your Premiere Pro Export

BY LOGAN BAKER | Premiumbeat Is your exported footage looking a little washed-out? Here’s how to fix Premiere’s weird exporting problem. I don’t remember exactly when I realized I was having this issue, but it was around 2018 that I started noticing my exports were looking a little washed out. As in, there was a pretty significant (at least […]

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Download 65+ Free Premiere Pro Looks

by Logan Baker | Premiumbeat Go Hollywood with dozens of FREE Premiere Pro Lumetri looks! Use these movie-inspired color grading presets to create dramatic looks for your projects.  Applying looks and LUTs — it’s the ultimate footage glow-up. Whether you’re using the assets to create your film’s all-encompassing grade or treating them as a fast reference […]

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How to Make Scenes Cinematic

By JR Strickland, Videomaker Some years back, I worked extremely hard on a short film. I wrote the script, got some actors, shot it and debuted it to my family. Nervously, I would wait for their reaction. My grandmother loved everything I did, my little sister told the truth, but one of my older sister’s had […]

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This FREE Plugin Allows for Adjusting Contrast within AE and Premiere

by Creative Impatience This plugin allows you to add or remove contrast to your image without affecting its true saturation. Premiere Pro version supports 8 and 32 bits (Maximum Bit Depth). In After Effects only 8 and 16 bit depth is supported so far. CI Pure Contrast gives you a lot of possibilities to manipulate the contrast of your image separate from the […]

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