FREE: Get the Autodesk Maya Bonus Tools 2019/2020

by Michele Yamazak, Toolfarm Download the free collection, Autodesk Maya Bonus Tools 2019/2020 from Autodesk. This year’s release includes a plethora of useful Maya scripts and plug-ins. New Tools in Autodesk Maya Bonus Tools 2019/2020 Create  Locator at Custom Pivot Axis Modify  Proportional Placement Tool Modify  Stack / Align Objects In addition, Modify  Offset Transforms Modify  Randomize Transforms (Basic) Display  Enable Popup Help […]

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10 Free Cinema 4D Tools

by Toolfarm‘s Michele Yamazaki This week we’re featuring free Cinema 4D tools in our new Friday series, 10 Free. We’ll pick a topic and give you 10 freebies. Some of these are older tools and may not work with R21, but many will work in R21. We’ll make note of compatibility where we can. These […]

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Free Tools for After Effects by Mekajiki

by Mekajiki Mekajiki, makers of RenderGarden for After Effects, have several helpful free tools that can free-up memory, make it easier to find and launch scripts, quickly extract alpha channels from luminance, and more. Mekajiki: FreeTools UnMult Quickly extract alpha channels from luminance with this Adobe After Effects plug- in. Extract light effects such as flares […]

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All DIY filmmakers should think about adding these important (and usually affordable) tools to their kits

by Jo Light There are some basic tools that every filmmaker needs, whether you’re working on a big Hollywood production or a small indie film. And in most cases, you’ll be able to find them in a basic hardware store at a cheap price. Indy Mogul interviewed their site co-founder and famous do-it-yourselfer Erik Beck to get his […]

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