MoviePro – Edit and record 3K video on iOS

November 14, 2014


MoviePro for iOS is another interesting app that enhances your iPhone’s (and iPad’s) camera. Thanks to this $4.99 program you get a few additional features – mainly new resolutions – you can not only select 1920×1080 to as low as 320×240, but also various aspect ratios, such as square 1:1 for Instagram and anamorphic widescreen aspect ratios like 2.75:1, 2.55:1, 2.40:1. But most importantly you can record in 3K resolution (3072×1728 at 30fps) on iPhone 5s/iPhone 6 & 6+ at 120 Mbps bit rate! If this is not enough for you, you can also record 720p at 240 fps on iPhone 6 & 6 plus! Of course the app also offers you the possibility to change the bitrate to lower settings, for example 50 Mbps and lower ones to save disk space. Supported frame rates are 30p, 25p, 24p, and 1 fps. According to many reviews the app is solid, so if you want to take a look at it, follow this link.

Additionally MoviePro gives you a few editing features (via description):

“Includes two video editors. Mini Editor is an individual clip editor while the full Editor can operate on multiple clips & manage projects,

  • Copy clips from Camera Roll in the library,
  • Trim, Rotate, Compress, Slow/Fast motion adjust resolution & aspect ratio is Mini Editor,
  • Full Editor : Merge, Split, Trim, Reorder clips, insert transitions, titles, select title color & font, title position, insert logo from Photo Library, scale & position logo,
  • Save compositions as Projects in Editor 2 and export them to Photo Library
  • In Full Editor, Videos added from Photo Library or recorded with app are only linked and not duplicated. Please do not delete the original clips therefore.”


Customer Reviews

Performs Great- iPhone 6+ Feedback

The built-in camera app from Apple is a solid performer for a system app. MoviePro takes the solid performance of the system app and provides a bevy of features that are very welcome. Choosing a higher (or lower) resolution is a much needed option provided by movie pro. Also, the ability to black out the screen while recording is fantastic and useful.

I have an iPhone 6+ and the interface for the app is obviously made for the iPhone 5- it looks horrible, very blurry, upscaled on the larger screen.

Also, if I lock focus and exposure then go to the options screen, the focus and exposure are reset but still locked (so now you have to unlock, allow them to readjust and relock- extra steps that if forgotten can waste a lot of time).

The zoom controls are great as is the result (ultimately what matters). I’m not sure if the app takes advantage of the 6+’s hardware stabilization or that happens automatically but would like for that to happen.

What I’d like to see in future update and I’d change to 4-5 star rating:
– interface for iPhone 6 aspect ratio
– locked lens -> options bug fixed
– slow mo / time lapse options from system app
– hardware stabilization option(?)



Everything works very well. I have used this app to record over an hour of video at a time (nonstop) multiple times. The feature that I found the most useful was that ability to easily adjust the resolution, frame rate, and quality of the recording and make presets of these factors. This allowed me to record everything that I needed to on the limited amount of disk space on my iPod. I also like the ability to pause and resume the recording instead of having to stop the recording each time.


Great app for iPhone 6 Plus

This is the only app that records 3K at 100mb/s, that’s pro camera stuff. Very nice, but I would like to add some suggestions, the exposure changes are much too often and harsh so maybe tone it down how it is in the stock app. And also for the iPhone 6 Plus add support for its built in optical image stabilization with the software stabilization this app provides, it would add almost as good stable shots as the stock camera app.


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