Elevate Your Perspective: 3 Reasons Everyone Should Be Using Drones in Their Productions

by Zach Chmael, The Green Buzz

Drones are changing the game.  We’ve seen Hollywood studios utilizing dramatic aerials for years, but what if the same cinematic marvels could be applied to all elements of commercial content?  Let’s say you’re looking to create your next commercial, advertisement, or documentary film.  You’ve storyboarded the project, gathered your gear, built your budget, and are ready to shoot.  The process is exciting. But, have you thought about how to make your video exciting too?  Watch this video here:

Pretty incredible, right? Now, you may think these high-end and captivating shots are totally out-of-scope for your next project, but that’s where you’re wrong.  Drone cinematography of the past was limited to big budget production houses with access to helicopters and complex rigs, but the industry is quickly changing.  Not only are drones becoming increasingly more accessible to even the hobbyist filmmaker, they are rapidly revolutionizing the way we experience films.  Still not convinced?  Let me break down why everyone should be including drones in their equipment bin here…


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