Freebie Friday: Introducing Moves by Maxon

by Michele Yamazaki, Toolfarm

Maxon released Moves by Maxon for the Apple™ App Store recently. Moves by Maxon is a free iOS app for facial capture and full body motion capture. To clarify, it’s for recent iPhone and iPad models only. After the motion is captured with your camera, simply bring the data into Cinema 4D R21.Additionally, you’ll need a separate free plugin from Cineversity to import the data.

For more information, here’s the press release about Moves by Maxon.

Freebie Friday Moves by Maxon
Moves by Maxon is a combination of an iOS app and Cinema 4D plugin, which allows you to record facial expressions and body movements without much effort and import them into Cinema 4D for further use.

The news follows on the success of Cineversity‘s facial capture app, CV-AR. Moves by Maxon capitalizes on the emerging technology of Apple’s AR-Toolkit, which enables users to capture facial motion and whole body movement; enabling artists to bring motion sequences into Cinema 4D with limited technical effort.

See a video demo here:

Try Cinema 4D for free!

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