iLife ’11: The Best New Tricks in iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand

December 12, 2010

by Gizmodo

At last, there’s a new version of iLife. It’s got all new, enhanced versions of the major apps. They’re pretty fancy looking, and they’ve got a whole bag of new tricks, like automagic movie trailers.

The goal is for “mere mortals” to be able to do advanced video editing. And it comes pretty close to that, with a bevy of new tricks that make it the most enhanced new iLife app. You can edit audio more in depth, in a way that that makes it closer to Final Cut in terms of how precise you can get with clip editing. Using detailed audio waveforms overlayed on top of clips, which have built-in adjustment controls, you can adjust things like audio volume and very easily and precisely on each clip. You can also add voiceovers.

To see all kinds of information and even an assortment of video’s on the iLife 11 subject…

iLife '11: The Best New Tricks in iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand

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