Pinterest: Did You Know?

February 26, 2015

by Jeff Riegel

I’m not a big Pinterest user.  Never have been.  Yes– I know it’s a pretty popular social media contender.  My wife uses it all the time, as do her vast number of friends and fellow pinners.  So to me, it appears to be a female dominated network made up of a lot of favorite shoes, desserts, clothing and the like.

That may be true.  But not entirely…

I was happy to find a plethora of other fellow video makers, editors, graphic artists, photographers, web designers, HUD creators, etc– with a great number of freebies and tutorials available from every corner of the globe. And even easier to find via Pinterest’s keyword search.  Like “HUDs” gives this huge list of highly visual examples.

So when I least expected it, Pinterest has become a fun and most enjoyable media network to find inspiration from other’s posts to create my own… that is, in between the kitchen counter favs and the best of pies desserts.

Mine are by no means as popular nor extensive as the other guru’s.  Check out one of my beginner boards for inspiration:  Heads-Up Displays



TF4_01 › [Decca Digital]


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