FREE 45 Day Licenses from Digital Anarchy

by Jim Tierney, Digital Anarchy

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If you’re shut in and spending a lot more time in front of your editor with time on your hands, Digital Anarchy does not want you to forget about trying their free plugins! It might be somewhat therapeutic to apply Ugly Box to politicians that wasted six weeks telling people this Covid-19 thing wasn’t a problem. Just sayin’. A few laughs these days can be helpful. 🙂


In addition to Ugly Box, there’s Flicker Freak (adding flicker), Simple Gradient and the SRT Importer script for AE. There’s also some Photoshop plugins.


45 Day Licenses

Digital Anarchy is also offering 45-day licenses for all their products. If you’re using this time to experiment with new plugins, they’ll let you play around with the fully functional version of the product. The same goes if you want to use them in a real project. There’s no watermark or any other limitation.

Here are all the 45-day license keys for their different products. Just go to the Digital Anarchy Demo page to download the software. License keys will activate them.

Download links: (Mac) (Windows)

License Keys:
Transcriptive: 1bdb67a241934f6cb6afaffe53f91d63
PowerSearch: 825ACA54BCFC1D8A1C15B9D3-D1BC
Beauty Box (Adobe): 57F5B450AF3533EB982BAA24-2127
Beauty Box (Resolve/OFX): 6DA927E3D3B38FD548DF5C64-9E88
Beauty Box (FCP): DDC9C3862E7DA5297A25DB96-75BC
Beauty Box (Avid): 287F1176A4CB0D905DA6C98F-DFEA
Flicker Free (Adobe): DC8D1F8BD88C2E90CDDEEF90-DAF6
Flicker Free (Resolve/OFX): 6B1B6CD114235A9684151DDC-9F79
Flicker Free (FCP): 54119A17B2A23FA644AEB551-E8B4
Flicker Free (Avid): 0AE43858CD919D713AB17F26-0F14
Samurai Sharpen (Adobe): DA553D9AC7757543CBF051EC-7A20
Samurai Sharpen (Resolve/OFX): B61350AB7AB0002077A887CA-1847
Samurai Sharpen (FCP): BB3A1F53BFF62DFD15E95701-F7EE

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