How to Screen Record with Audio on Mac

by Lindsey Hazel

How can I record my mac screen with audio for free? In this video, we share how to screen record with audio on a mac, using the native app in OS Catalina and a few more tricks for mac screencasting.

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  • how to screen record with audio on a mac in 2020: 0:16
  • What keyboard shortcut you need: 0:40
  • How to add your microphone for audio on the screencast: 1:06
  • How to turn on the keyboard shortcut: 2:17
  • What the keyboard shortcut looks like 2:45
  • How to quit the screencast: 3:13
  • How to change the dimensions of your screencast: 3:33
  • How to delete the screen recording: 4:41
  • How to trim a screencast: 4:51
  • 😂😂 Skip straight to the bloopers: 5:35

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